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Apex Square Recess Screwdriver Bits

Apex square recess screwdriver bits. The four sides of Apex square recess screwdriver bits are at right-angles to each other. The opposite sides of square recess bits are parallel. This screw drive is also common in heavy industry environments. Quality design and construction give Apex square recess bits a long service life and durability. With Apex square recess bits you are assured of high quality and industrial strength.

Apex 1/4 Square Recess Hex Insert Bits
Apex 1/4'' square recess hex insert screwdriver bits.
Apex 1/4 Square Recess Hex Power Drive Bits
Apex 1/4'' hex power drive shank square recess bits, full hex shank.
Apex 1/4 Square Recess Hex Power Drive Bits, Turned Shank
Apex 1/4'' hex power shank square recess bits with a turned shank.