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Buy Apex Fastener Tools

Apex tooling products are manufactured to exact tolerances that often exceed licensing agreement requirements, standing up to rigorous government/military specifications. These tolerances greatly increase the durability and life of the tool. An Apex bit can last up to ten-times longer than competitive bits.

The closer tolerances of Apex tools, also mean a better fit and less cam-out or stripping, which in turn keeps work areas free of damage and reduces incidence of bit failure and costly re-work. Browse thousands of Apex tools including screwdriver bits, bit holders, hand drivers, nutsetters, extensions, universal wrenches, sockets, extensions, adapters, universal wrenches, special sockets, accessories and more.

Apex Bit Holders
Apex bit holders offer the flexible use of insert bits with a variety of tools. Many Apex bit holders are available in magnetic and quick release forms, allowing for the use of a variety of insert bits in power tool applications.
Apex Hand Drivers
Apex hand drivers, including awls, drivers with self-contained insert bits, replaceable bit drivers, magnetic replaceable bit drivers and industrial bit driver bits. Quality design give Apex hand drivers a long service life and durability.
Apex Square Drive Adapters
Apex square drive adapters.
Apex Socket Extensions
Apex square drive socket extensions.
Apex Nutsetters
Apex nutsetters, extensions, universal wrenches.
Apex Sockets
Apex sockets, extensions, adapters, universal wrenches.
Apex 7/16'' Power Drive Nutsetters, SAE
Apex 6 point 7/16'' hex power drive nutsetters.
Apex Special Sockets, Adapters, Accessories
Apex special sockets, adapters, accessories.
Apex Universal Wrenches
Apex square drive universal wrenches.
Apex WSK Series Wobble Socket Adapter Kits
The Apex WSK Wobble Socket Adapter Kit can convert any fastener tool with a female square drive (3/8'', 1/2', 5/8'', 3/4'' or 1'') and a DIN groove into a Wobble socket.
Apex u-Guard
The free-spinning design provides maximum protection for polished and highly sensitive surfaces. Apex u-Guard covering is made of a thermo plastic urethane (TPU elastomer) which cushions against costly incidental side impacts.
Apex Phillips #2 Hex Insert Bit Packs
Apex Phillips #2 Hex Insert Bit Packs